My emphasis is on family owned and/or managed family enterprises. This is not limited to operational businesses and includes any family that has joint holdings or investments.  I work for the benefit of the entire family business system and am not bound to any one member, even if that person is the CEO of the business or the family leader.

Size of the business is not a defining factor for me. I have advised start-up FBs with as few as 5 employees, including family members. Family Business issues become more complex and complicated as both the business and the family grow, and many businesses reach out to me at the time of an impending generational transfer.

Nature of the business could range from retail to manufacturing to distribution to services to real estate and just about any business sector.  My business background enables me to grasp the salient features in any business endeavor.

Different constituencies contribute to family businesses whether they are represented in the business or not. To this end, I engage with:

All shareholders, whether they work in the business or not.

Potential shareholders who have a stake in the direction of the FB.

Spouses of the above two groups.

Board Members

Non-family senior employees.

Individuals, while part of the FB system, may have need for specific coaching. I work separately with those people to explore their aspirations and give them the tools to champion their lives.