My work is confidential and I do not disclose my client list in public forums. Contact me directly if you need references which you get directly from my clients who have proved very forthcoming when I request them to speak to potential clients.

In addition to some of the testimonials you see on these pages, here are some comments I received after seminars and presentations.

  1. “Very well presented, engaging, entertaining and lots of knowledge.”
  2.  “Brilliant.”
  3. “I was impressed by Annette’s knowledge of family business and gained a lot.”
  4. “Practical and theoretical relationship is great. Presentation comes with past experience in working within family business. “
  5. “Very informative and enlightening. Surely learnt a lot.”
  6. “Very thorough. Painted a very clear picture of what needs to be done.”
  7. “Easy to listen to; wealth of information and tips. I enjoyed every minute.”
  8. “Sustained my interest.”
  9. ” Can recommend Annette blindly.”
  10. “Engaging and on point. Extremely relevant.”