Annette Rahael

Family Business
Advisor & Coach

Who am I?

I am a Family Business (FB) Advisor who has a dual passion for business growth and family harmony.

  • Former family executive
  • Fellow of Family Firm Institute
  • Recognized researcher in FB leadership

How do I help?

I help families achieve their vision by building bridges and defining boundaries between the family.

  • Organizing and facilitating family meetings.
  • Creating and implementing Succession Plans.
  • Ensuring proper FB governance and policies.

Whom do I serve?

I work with and on the family business systems of business, ownership and family. I engage with:

  • All shareholders whether they work in business or not.
  • Spouses and Next Generation members.
  • Non-family business executives.

What do I believe?

I feel strongly that by implementing proper structures and mechanisms, the business.

  • All family members count.
  • Multiple generations can work together.
  • Family Business can and do endure.

Clients Testimonials

Annette Rahael has been instrumental in improving the lines of communication among family members who work in our medium sized business (250 employees). She has also set up a written family charter  that maps out a clear path with specific rules for next generation’s eligibility to join the business.

Overall, the family unit and business unit, and the interrelation between the two are now better understood by all parties. Most importantly, there is a framework to deal with conflicts or misconception that can arise in any vibrant family business.

Danny A. Managing Director

"Working with Annette Rahael gave us forum to have open and frank discussions and opportunity to look inward at ourselves to understand the problems/shortcomings, particularly in communicating with each other.  Having an unbiased, firm and practical arbiter creates opportunity for solutions and resolutions to various problems.


The ease at which discussions can be had opens individuals up for honest communication.

Her integrity and confidentiality are admirable."

John Walker

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